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Apr 20, 2021

How quickly your crops emerge can make or break your yield goals, a plant growth regulator can help get your corn out of the ground faster. Accelerated root and stem development helps combat early season stresses caused by cold and wet soil. Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are hormones that regulate growth and development of plants and they can offer significant benefits, including a larger root mass with more root hairs. A PGR like Ascend® Pro delivers season-long crop benefits regardless of early-season conditions. Whether it’s cool and wet or hot and dry, research shows Ascend Pro boosts plant health from day one. 

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Driving yields is a common goal by many operations today, and productive soils step you in the right direction to achieve that goal. Foster FC  is a microbial that provides beneficial bacteria to the soil increasing the rate of nutrient uptake, enhances nutrient mineralization, improves microbial diversity in the soil, and aids in maximizing fertilizer efficiency.    


Contact your local Central Region Cooperative Agronomist for more information on boosting plant development with PGR's and Bio-stimulants.

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