Route Prices

Effective: 5/12/2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cash Prices     

Gasoline, farm


Gasoline, auto


Ruby Fieldmaster B5


#2 Home Fuel Oil Dyed (no bio)


Roadmaster XL Clear B5 Premium Road Diesel $3.099
#2 Clear B5 X-grade Road Diesel $3.049
#1 Dyed NO BIO Fuel Oil/Diesel $2.739

Propane: Dryer, Hog Barn, Commercial


Propane: Home Heat (200 gallon minimum)


*Same day delivery charge with less than 24 hour notice is $100.00.

*Refined Fuel minimum delivery is 150 gallons. 

*Below minimum drop/additional $30.00 charge.

To price and contract propane or refined fuels contact your local Energy office in Sleepy Eye at 1-877-576-5456 or Buffalo Lake at 320-833-3009.