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BCA Products has specialized in manufacturing turf fertilizers and ice melt products in the Midwest for more than 30 years. We focus on blending custom fertilizers for professional lawn care services, golf courses and retail distributors through branded and private label products.

Whether you are a grounds manager at a golf course or for a front yard, we can manufacture a variety of organic, blended or liquid fertilizers to your request and package it in many different sizes and quantities. In addition to blending custom fertilizers, we also concentrate on creating a variety of ice melt products to make dealing with ice and snow as convenient as possible. We can also custom blend an ice melt product to your specifications that incorporate fast melting action at a reasonable price!

BCA Products can also create a custom blended ice melt product. Our ice melting products are a combination of four granular chlorides, all of which have their own unique advantages and melting temperatures.


Our Green Pro brand carries a full line of turf care products designed for use by landscapers, nurseries, golf courses, lawn care services and retail merchandisers. We use only the highest quality raw materials to offer a wide range of formulas, whether you need a straight NPK fertilizer, or one that contains herbicide.

Ice Melts & Grit

BCA Products has developed a line of four performance driven ice melt products and one traction grit product to assure a safe and manageable winter. We’ve formulated an array of products that perform at differing temperature ranges from 20° F down to -20° F. Our ice melts and traction grit include blends that are crucially fast acting, pet safe, environmentally friendly and economical.

Custom Blends

We will blend the exact fertilizer or combination fertilizer and herbicide product formula to our customer’s request. We offer a complete line of greens, fairway and standard grade fertilizer, in addition to organic and liquid varieties. If you want to create a unique blend for your customers, we will gladly manufacture, bag and label it to your specifications.


Our Facility

At BCA Products, we have designed our facility to make the production, storage and ordering process for our lawn fertilizer and ice melt products seamlessly efficient while still manufacturing a quality product and providing excellent customer service.
Our facility has a 65’ x 150’ hoop storage shed to provide roughly 5,400 tons of raw product storage capacity. We are able to buy large quantities of professional turf grade bulk ingredients for our customers and maintain the quality of those products until they are blended into a bagged product. We are able to convey the bulk ingredients directly to our blending and bagging facility, saving time and increasing manufacturing efficiency. We have a state-of-the-art DW (decreasing weight) blender that utilizes separate load cells for each ingredient and weighs each ingredient as it is blended off every 15 seconds. With an average of 20 years of experience between our blender and production staff, BCA Products guarantees quality and accuracy in producing bagged fertilizers for the retail market.


We have a 36,000 sq ft (120’ x 300’) warehouse, which can store approximately 125 semi loads of total finished product. We can make labor sensitive products 6-10 weeks in advance and have a whole season’s supply ready and waiting in our warehouse. This enables us to process orders on a next-day basis if necessary. We can also take a customer’s full order ahead of the busy season and store it in our warehouse until the customer needs it delivered.
Our warehouse features two new loading docks on the east side, allowing two semis to load at one time. Our upgraded facility provides the efficiency we need to remain competitive in the lawn fertilizer and ice melt industries. In addition to expanding our storage, we also expanded our distribution to a nine state area consisting of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Central Region Cooperative acquired BCA Products in 2007 and has branded it as one of its divisions since then.


Green Pro Natural Fertilizer
Green Pro MinneGrow Natural Fertilizer is produced locally in Minnesota with exceptional quality. Evenly sized particles slowly feed turf for up to 10 weeks while the extra concentrated iron content quickly turns grass vibrant green. 

  • High in water-insoluble nitrogen and 12 other nutrients including 3% iron, 3% calcium, 1% sulfur and 1% magnesium
  • Adds organic matter to the soil
  • Low burn potential
  • Available sizes: 50lb bags

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