Producer Health Insurance

Central Region Cooperative has partnered with 40 Square Cooperative Solutions to offer you alternatives for health insurance benefits.

40 Square Cooperative Solutions 
40 Square Cooperative Solutions is an independent coop with the mission to bring quality, sustainable health care coverage to Minnesota's agricultural community. To become a member of 40 Square Cooperative:

  • you must be an employer with at least one common law employee
  • actively work in production agriculture, and
  • file either a Form 1065 or Schedule F with your income tax return, OR
  • provide direct services to production agriculture in Minnesota.

They currently offer medical plans as well as ancillary benefits such as dental, vision and life insurance. 40 Square plans are available through your local insurance broker. 

2022 - Health Plan Summary - Atena Full Network
2022 - Health Plan Summary - Atena APCN+

For more information or to get a quick estimate, check out the 40 Square website:
Have questions? Contact 40 Square Cooperative Solutions today at 1-844-205-9579 or

Patron Demand Note Program

Central Region Cooperative (CRC) is opening its demand note program to member patrons. CRC is currently paying 1.5% annual percentage rate of interest on demand notes (effective March 1, 2021). Interest rates paid on demand notes are subject to change at any time by action of the CRC Board of Directors. Funds invested in the demand note program can be withdrawn at any time. If you are currently invested in the demand note program, you may optionally choose to reinvest those funds in the term note program.

Minimum investment in the demand note is $1,000. As with the previous demand notes, a Note Program Disclosure and Note will need to be signed. 

You may contact our office in Sleepy Eye, Buffalo Lake or Fairfax to participate in either program. Should you have specific questions about either program, please call Central Region Cooperative Treasury Manager Chuck Braun at 320-833-5321 (Ext. 1262).

Charitable Donations

Central Region Cooperative supports programs in our geographic footprint that enrich our communities and impact the lives of those within them. We take pride in continuing to support the local communities that our customers and employees live and work in every day. We place a high importance on helping develop programs that promote agriculture organizations and education initiatives for our youth because many parents of those youth typically are customers of CRC. In addition, students gaining education and leadership skills by these organizations or initiatives often contribute to agriculture and/or to our communities in some capacity as they choose a career path.

In addition, Central Region Cooperative’s Donation Program intends to support county 4-H programs, FFA Chapters, fire departments, and food shelves or hunger initiatives.  The Central Region Cooperative Board of Directors may approve donation requests other than those listed upon their discretion.

The following organizations although recognizable are not eligible for Central Region Cooperative charitable donations:

  • Fraternal, religious, social or labor organizations, school districts, and political groups
  • Individual benefits or individuals directly to participate in an activity or function

Donation requests are subject to Board approval.  Please allow for 60 days for donation approval.

Donation requests are accepted year round. If you are interested in applying for a donation, please complete the donation application below.