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Propane, Cenex®premium fuels and lubricants continue to be the backbone of the Central Region Cooperative energy department. You can depend on our dedicated team of professionals to keep your home comfortable, your farm or business operating smoothly and equipment running in top condition.
Our energy department goes above and beyond by helping you find the right fuel or oil product for your operation and manage your inventory while reducing price risk in the market. If you’re in the market for a fuel provider or have questions, please give us a call. We look forward to serving you.



Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe and reliable supply of clean burning gas. Central Region Cooperative offers a schedule fill program and remote tank monitors to take the worry out of running empty. We also have a will-call delivery program, in which you are responsible for checking your gauge and scheduling a delivery before your tank goes empty. There is a 200 gal minimum. We offer cash, budget, booked and contract pricing options to fit every financial situation.  Our team of experienced propane service technicians provides efficient system leak checks, system installations and other propane service and repairs. That’s peace of mind to count on.

Often times our Energy department receives questions in regards to expected propane usage for grain drying during the harvest season. We would like to share a helpful tool for patrons to calculate their expected usage, click the following link, https://propane.com/propane-products/grain-dryers/

Refined Fuels

As a licensed Cenex®distributor, Central Region Cooperative can deliver bulk refined fuels to your farm or jobsite. We offer direct ship transport deliveries to approved transport systems capable of holding at least 4,000 gallons. We also offer fixed forward contract pricing for all of our refined fuel products, which include:

  • Ruby FieldMaster®premium diesel
  • RoadMaster XL®premium diesel
  • Farm and auto gasoline
  • #1 and #2 heating oil
  • WinterMaster®premium diesel

We also offer Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), which can be can be picked up from our energy offices in sizes ranging from 2.5 gallon jugs to 330 gallon totes. Our energy team can also deliver drums or bulk DEF to your location. Furthermore, we provide all DEF related equipment including hoses, nozzles, pumps and totes.


Central Region Cooperative sells and services the storage tanks and equipment (pumps, nozzles and hoses) you need to maximize your fuel storage needs. Fuel tank maintenance is crucial now more than ever. CRC would like to encourage everyone to have a pressure cap assembly on their storage tanks in lieu of a flip cap and to change your filters every spring and fall.

To help you with tank maintenance, we’re offering to sample the fuel remaining in your tank for any existing contaminants when making deliveries. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact your local CRC energy office.

Fuel Tank


Bulk Products

We offer a wide variety of bulk supplies including, but not limited to: 

Diesel Engine Oils 

  • TMS 15W-40 
  • Maxtron DEO 10W-30 
  • Maxtron Enviro Edge 5W-40 

PCMO’s (passenger car motor oils) 

  • Auto Gold 5W-20 
  • Auto Gold 5W-30 
  • Maxtron 5W-30 

Hydraulic Fluids 

  • Qwiklift HTB 
  • Indol 32 MV 

Transmssion Fluids 

  • Maxtron Multi-Vehicle ATF Low Vis 
  • Auto Gold ATF DM

When you exclusively use Cenex® lubricants and premium diesel fuels together, you can get up to 10 years or 10,000 hours of engine and transmission coverage for a wide range of agricultural equipment.

With the variety of components being covered through your machine, it gives the peace of mind knowing you are covered. Click hereto learn more about the Cenex Total Protection Plan® and register your equipment.

Packaged Oil Supplies

Central Region Cooperative also offers a wide variety of packaged oil products ranging from 1 quart containers up to 55 gallon drums. We currently have these supplies at our energy shop in Hector, Sleepy Eye, and our Buffalo Lake energy office site. We do not staff an employee at the Hector shop at all times, so please call ahead at 320-833-3009 so we can arrange for a CRC team member to assist you in pick up of these products. If after hours, please call 320-833-3009 and you will be directed to an energy department on call employee.


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