Green Pro MinneGrow Natural Fertilizer 5-5-0

Green Pro MinneGrow Natural Fertilizer is high in water-insoluble nitrogen locally produced in Minnesota. Evenly sized particles slowly feed turf for up to 10 weeks while the extra concentrated iron content quickly turns grass a vibrant green. MinneGrow Natural Fertilizer includes 12 other nutrients including 3% iron, 3% calcium, 1% sulfur and 1% magnesium. Use it as a great stand-alone fertilizer with low burn potential while adding organic material to the soil.

  • Available in 50lb bags.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • 5% Nitrogen
  • 5% Phosphorus
  • 0% Potassium
  • 1% Sulfur

Can be applied anytime during the season. Water your lawn after application if no rainfall within 24 hours.

  • 50lb bag covers 2,500 sq ft
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