Truck Driver

When Austin wakes up each morning, he’s not always sure what the day may bring but that’s what makes his job as a truck driver for Central Region Cooperative interesting. His job is to haul grain and ensure feed mills are full of the ingredients that the co-op needs.

With six Central Region Cooperative (CRC) locations in Minnesota in addition to the Sleepy Eye headquarters, Austin may find himself driving all over the state or running the same route multiple times. He likes variety and the different situations he encounters help him to become better at what he does.


“I’m excited to visit different processing plants. I can talk to different people, like other truck drivers, to see how they load, drive, and work on their trucks.” 

– Austin

One Big Farm Family Atmosphere

While not everyone who works at CRC grew up on a farm, Austin did. He feels that his background was great preparation for employment in the Agriculture industry.


Even though he drives alone in the cab of his truck for much of his time, Austin knows he’s an important part of a larger team. Whenever he needs help, he can count on friendly coworkers to answer questions and offer advice on best practices.


“I enjoy the atmosphere at Central Region Cooperative and how working with everybody clicks,” explained Austin. “It’s like one big farm family, and work doesn’t really seem like work.”


Along with opportunities for mentoring and teamwork, Austin’s input for operational improvement is welcomed. One of his ideas that has been implemented has saved the co-op considerable time and money. Instead of driving an empty truck for 50 miles, Austin suggested picking up a load from a different elevator which cut the time he drove empty in half.


The natural ebb and flow of the four seasons add to the variety in Austin’s role, and life at the co-op hums along as the pace changes throughout the year.  

 Although there are always jobs to be done year-round, late summer before the harvest and the winter months are typically slower. It gives co-op employees like Austin the chance to have time off here and there, and partake in personal hobbies such as hunting and fishing. 

 When it’s planting in the spring and harvest in the fall, everyone understands that it might take extra time to complete their jobs. However, if someone needs time off for a family emergency or event, management and coworkers will do whatever they can to make it happen.  

 “When I first came to the co-op, I realized how much hard work goes into everything,” Austin said. “I might be working 16-to-18-hour days during peak times, but I enjoy it because I don’t like sitting around.” 

Cooperating for Progress and Success

It’s easy for Austin to give his daily best when he knows that his work is appreciated and contributes to the success of the co-op. Whether it’s a smile on his boss’ face or the expressions of gratitude from the elevator and feed mill operators who are glad to have their products moved and delivered, Austin’s truck driving makes a difference to everyone.

It all makes Central Region Cooperative a great place for Austin to work, and he recommends it to others too.

“If you love to work, see progress being made, achieve goals, and work with other people, this is the place for you.” 

– Austin