Mar 25, 2021

The yields of your 2021 crop are already being determined. The seed you buy, the fertility that you apply, the tillage practices you use are all going to determine what is in the bin in November. The way to optimize yield is to create a high yield environment by giving the crop it's best start.

Biostimulants, micronutrient packages, microbial based fertilizer catalyst, and seed treatments are a great way to start 2021 off right. Click here to learn more about these products offered by your Central Region Coop Agronomist. 

Did you know that zinc deficiency can reduce corn yield by up to 40%? Although it’s only needed in small quantities, zinc is essential for production of the carbohydrates, proteins and chlorophyll that drive grain production. In fact, plant growth and development stops when specific zinc-dependent enzymes aren’t available. In South Central Minnesota soils, we fight keeping Zinc and other essential nutrients available for the plant to utilize. Even excess Phosphorus can bind Zinc and render it ineffective for your row crop.

It’s easy to see why an-furrow Zinc application is a smart investment to promote early-season plant health and to protect yield potential. Click here to see more on the products we recommend to help drive high yields. 

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