May 14, 2020

Any current CRC Energy customer referring a new propane customer will receive $75 credit on their account. The NEW customer will receive $75 credit and 2 coupons of choice for gas grill cylinder refill or exchange! Coupons are redeemable in either Hector or Sleepy Eye. Contact either Energy office for more details;

Sleepy Eye 507-794-5831  |  Buffalo Lake 320-833-5321
This promotion is only available to new CRC Energy customers upon an approved credit application. Referral dollars will be given when the new customer has received delivery of a minimum of 300 gallons of propane into an approved customer owned or CRC leased propane tank through our 'Get Gas Get Cash' promotion. This promotion expires September 25, 2020. CRC reserves the right to make final approval on all applicants. 

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Oct 03,2022
Early Sunday morning, the Fairfax Fire Department responded to a structure fire in the downtown area.
Sep 30,2022
From October 3 to October 7, the Ely rail road crossing will be closed in Gibbon, please use an alternate route to avoid using city streets.
Sep 30,2022
Central Region Cooperative will be continuing to repair the Buffalo Lake facility throughout the harvest season. The May 12th storms that went through our area destroyed our wet, dry legs and several overhead conveyors and the electrical control room at the west silos location.