Grain ACH Option

Feb 22, 2022

Grain Patrons:
CRC is in the process of trying to improve the efficiency of its grain division.  Due to the volume of grain transactions, we would like to switch our eligible customers to depositing their grain checks via ACH.  If you are on the CNS State lienholder list, we will be unable to process your grain payments via ACH unless CRC is provided signed documentation directly from the lienholder releasing CRC from including them on your check. (ACH transactions will be available the next business day after being processed.)
If you elect not to participate in this option, we are changing the process of how grain checks are issued.  Checks will be available after 10:00 am the following business day of sale – phone sales/in person or priced when delivered across the scale.  (CBOT trading hours 8:30 am to 1:15 pm)  Also, checks or ACH will only be issued upon request and you will be responsible for informing CRC whether or not your check should be mailed. 
If the sale should be deferred into the next year, you will be responsible for informing CRC and the deferred contract needs to be signed and returned to CRC.
We have also updated our phone auto-attendant at the Sleepy Eye office.  Please note the changes when calling.
CRC also has the ability for you to view your account information online.  To get started, go to our webpage, and click on ‘Account Access’.

Click HERE to access the ACH form. 

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